Any tips for PvP?

I’m certainly not new to Halo. Started on Combat Evolved, but As far as multiplayer goes I played H3, Reach, H4 and H5, with Halo 5 being my most played in total. I made SR152, frequently would rank Onyx in Ranked and made it to Champion in the Snipers playlist. I got used to topping the leaderboard every match back in H5. Now, with Infinite, i’ve done Training Mode, Weaoon Drills, changed up my Elite Controller…made Diamond in Ranked but I still feel like i’m not as good as I should be or could be. Everything is new and feels/operates different.
Are there any tips you guys may have? Map movements, strategies, ins and outs of Infinite’s mp scene that may help me get Onyx as a Solo/Duo queuer? I find myself often getting waffle-stomped repeatedly by lads rocking HCS skins with ungoldy sensitivity and frequent Perfects

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I’n my experience you’ve got to play super aggressive. To borrow a term from the CoD community, it’s very much a “rusher’s game”. Always slide to stop sprinting, the sudden level cchange catches a lot of people by surprise if they’re aiming at your upper chest/neck. It also helps you to duck under the melee of people who want to smack you as soon as you turn the corner. Jumping was also made viable in your strafe by how hard a time everyone is having with aiming though admittedly I lack the muscle memory for it. I have no idea if Ghandi Hopping still works but I still do it every time I’m in the air.

t. Plat 6 and climbing, frequently dropping 20+K ~10D games

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I am by no means an amazing player, but I would highly recommend fiddling with as many controller settings as possible, in most games I prefer to use controller anyways but it has huge disadvantages such as turning speed which matter a lot in Halo. Have a high speed for movement and work around it IMO, that way you can’t always be instantly backsmacked without at least putting up a fight!

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I’m a very aggressive player but I seem to have issues with keeping up with teammates. Most engagements, i’m either by myself or standing above my team’s corpses. Not every game but often, I’ll get melted by at least two-three people at once

Sounds like you have an issue with teammates and moving around the map. It’ll take a little getting used to, I guess some people just “click” with certain maps and others just get no luck. If you want to link up and play a few games sometime my GT is the same as the forum name, just send me a message whenever.