Any tips for halo 2 laso

Around a month ago I asked what laso should I start with and it was a split between 2 and ce and I’m just gonna do 2 first to get it out the way, what tips does anyone have for halo 2 solo laso


Follow a LASO guide on YT and I recommend getting the speed run achievements first if you haven’t gotten them already. A lot of the speed run starts are very applicable to LASO.

I’ve beaten all of the LASO games and one my price of advice is this:

Honestly I’d leave Halo 2 LASO for last. Having LASO experienced built up around the other games and knowing how things work makes life so so so much easier.
Halo 2 LASO is by far the hardest and is a real pain at times.

However if you’re set on doing Halo 2 LASO first then I recommend learning the speedrun strats. You basically need them for this game as you’ll be able to skip large parts of levels and save yourself hours of time.
Also, play in classic graphics. All the enemies are invisible and it’s much easier to see them in classic.

One must learn every checkpoint… almost, a true baptism by fire! my prayers!

I’ve finished all of the games on LASO difficulty, and I started with Reach and went in chronological order. Reach, CE, 2, etc. Starting with H2 is a brave choice lol. I’d say get some practise with anything other than CE or 2 first. You can’t go wrong with chronological order honestly. If you do continue your run with H2A just remember that you have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD! Take your time and keep calm. I would also advise you check out Silvers guides for LASO completion as there’s a bunch of easier methods that have been discovered since I did them!

Remember these achievements are obtainable, with time!
Good luck have fun!

Biggest advice right here: take stress breaks.

You WILL have times in which you are certain that you did everything perfectly right by following the guides on youtube to a tee, and truth be told you probably did, only to be repeatedly bashed in the face by a wave of unrelenting deaths shrieks as your chief gets sniped again, and again, and again with no hope at all - only for you to finally pull it off once only to realize you haven’t made it more than 10% of the way to the next checkpoint and then immediately get blasted or sniped or chief deciding to just straight up die rather than deal with the BS invisible god-tier enemies any longer so you will get sent back to square 1. You WILL get stressed and this stress will almost certainly cause to to make more mistakes creating a negative feedback loop that it hard to get out of unless you put the controller down and walk away for a moment.

Other than that I really recommend you speedrun regular legendary first and learn all the tricks and most importantly the checkpoints. After that Halo Completionist has the most accessible strategies for people just looking to get through and get an the achievement so I recommend him. Watch the full video on youtube first, and then start the mission (that again you should already have fairly memorized from your speedruns) then pull up your computer and follow the guide as you play.

Using clear tape on your monitor + a sharpie is a classic trick and Silver (Halo completionist) will drive that home every video. Practice your reflexes, listen to the sounds of the game with a blindfold on. Make any extra sacrifices or prayers to any deity or cosmic forces you believe in, and then at that point you will likely be as ready as you are going to be. Cairo Station will take a very long time but will break you in quick, The real nightmare missions are Gravemind and Regret, if you beat those two you will know that you can conquer any Halo mission the series can throw at you.

I love LASO and wish you best of luck. Halo 2 is just cruel.

If you want to shave 30 years off your life be my guest :rofl:

But yeah, youtube guides, patience, breaks, speedrun strats, and prayer. All the tips above are great.

Watch Halo Completionist/Silver’s videos. I have done all the LASO’s solo and co-op and his videos were by far the most helpful even though they were years outdated at the time. Now he is remaking the videos (if he hasn’t already finished) and they show valuable skips, despawns, tips, etc to completing each game LASO.

People here gave you the tips you needed. Only thing I would add is, once you’re done with it, make sure to schedule an appointment with a good psychologist, because trust me, you’ll need it. Just like I did, and didn’t even get past Cairo :frowning:

Ok jokes aside, there are great guides on youtube which you can follow. But even then, it’s still hard to get through H2 LASO. Personally, the thing I’d do first, is to practice without Iron. That way I can have an idea of what to expect, and I can practice certain sections without restarting (or saving & quitting) the mission every single time I die.

I’d suggest looking at the Youtuber/Twitch/Speedrunner Jervalin. He has the world records for Halo 2 (Anniversary/Classic) LASO Deathless runs. He uploaded his run by-level on his Youtube channel.

Hello spartans, I did not get the achievment after completing (15/15) the playlist beacuse of the 2 first missions that are not playable in coop. To get the achievment I just need to finish the last mission. So I am looking for a fellow spartan that is currently doing the H2 laso playlist and reaching the last missions so that I could join and finally finish the fight without redoing the whole laso campaign. Please help me, I have already put so much effort in this laso run ahah.