any thoughts on this game mode addition?

how about this addition? firefight with marines/troopers not as enemy waves, but as friendly waves. if it were added it should be added to a firefight dlc with 1 or 2 new maps and these adjustments to reduce programming

you could choose starting waves already on the map, reinforcements which would be dropped in by pelican or falcon, or choose to have no friendlies. these options would be for each wave and drop in before covenant waves.

the types to choose from would be like the heretic squads.
troopers: marines/ army troopers with ARs and the squad lead would have a DMR.
sharpshooters: soldiers with DMRs and snipers.
heavy: soldiers with GLs, rockets, and splasers.
ODSTs: ODSTs elite and tougher than marines, in a normal mode, these would appear mainly at boss waves.

any thoughts or ideas for this?
also is this even possible?

That would be interesting. An avid Firefight player myself, I welcome the idea. However, the A.I. always sucks when talking about friendlies.