Any Specialization email rerun again?

Yo Admin, Guys and 343 (whoever is reading this)
Any idea if there is another rerun of distributing
the other 6 Specialization again?
Coz im reaching almost to LVL 70 and the thing is
i just bought it in early December, thus i missed the email promotion.

I search the Official Specialization thread but its close for reply.
So yeah here it is =)
If there is, any idea when or whom shall i mail to refer regards to this.

Think it was a one time thing only.

Just saw this link thou…

Urrrrghhhh, dat means i have to get the LE edition =(

Sorry mate, but it wouldn’t make sense to run it as a limited time offer if they then did it for another time.

The UK and other areas weren’t even eligible for that promotion so…

Doesn’t matter anyway since they are releasing the specs to everyone, most likely by the end of the month.

Yay patience!

LE Buyers and those eligible i.e. atleast 17 years old for the Promotion to play before November 20th were allowed to get the Specializations early and before everyone else, but I dont think it will be long before the Specializations are simply unlocked to the entire population.

Rumor is 3 more Rank tiers with higher exp gaps will be released once the majority of the community is SR 70-100, so that makes it more likely that they will lift the rank cap soon.

Read the first post of this thread here.

Short version: -Yoink!- sent out the codes, and botched it up. 343 tried to give everyone else the codes to those that qualified for it. Some didn’t, despite their efforts.

If you didn’t get one at this point, you will have to wait until they unlock them. Though I will agree, it sucks, there’s nothing we can do at this point but tell 343 to never do stuff like that again.