Any Space Combat in Halo 4?

Reach had space combat, some people liked this, others wanted more classic Halo.

I loved it! It played like Colony Wars from the PSone and fit in between 2 on foot sequences perfectly imo, it helped that it was graphically beautiful and just plain fun.

I would love it to make a return in 4, campaign or Spartan Ops, i’d gladly accept it not been in the main campaign to appease fans, but putting it in spartan ops would be amazing.

Any thoughts on Space Combat, you guys want it or not and what would you like to see?

If not in Halo 4, i would love a spin off ala ODST next year, Halo: Fleet Commander or something, even an Xbox Arcade game would be cool.

probably no space combat. Looks like the entirety of the game will be set on requiem, and with the dyson sphere around it…yeeeah

yea would love to see it!!

I would love there to be a space combat multiplayer mode in War Games.

I think the gimmick for that kind of ‘out of the normal for the one mission gameplay’ is probably gonna be the cyclops rather than another saber mission

It’s confirmed we get to watch an epic space battle in the first mission of Spartan Ops, does that count?

Yeah, i can see that been the case going on the brief glimpses in the footage we’ve seen so far.

There’s obviously going to be some space combat in one of the Halo 4 missions. It makes it even more futuristic, and was really fun and unique.

Also, don’t forget about the fifty Spartan Ops missions.