Any skulls from halo 2 that you want back in halo cea?

All I want is the assassins skull. That was awesome fighting grunts, elites, jackles and even hunters while they where invisible! Well hunters where really tough, but thats not the point.

WTF double post

Sputnik was the best skull ever…

lol, I would have made Halo 4 like in Halo 2, (or 3) but three was WAAY to easy.

You needed internet to find the Skullz in Halo 2, which was challenging to do alone.

if any dev is reading, Make THEM HARD TO GET!

And Defineteley not as in Reach, where you can just turn them on and off, LAMEEEEE.

Oh and I would like ALL Skulls of Halo 2 if you haven’t noticed.