Any possibility of adding more Avatar Awards?

Could there ever be more Awards added, through either future DLC or a TU?

This has been done once already if I remember correctly…but not in the fashion you are imagining but via an update to Halo Waypoint itself, so my say is yeppers.

I believe it was the EVA helmet award that was added via an update. And to unlock that you need to meet certain conditions in a Halo title.


First read the list and then find the comment written by “Aravengus”.

That should answer your question!

Left 4 Dead 2 has an Avatar Award added via DLC; and as the previous poster stated: Waypoint got an extra Avatar Award via a update.

I can’t think of anything that hasn’t already been given away or is being sold that they could add (besides weapons; but I doubt that’ll happen)! :S
Though I’d like to see Noble 6’s helmet (though since that was a code given to people, I doubt it’ll happen) &/or the Flamming Mark V (also a code that was given away in the USA as a preorder bonus for the noble map pack, also I believe it was the waypoint ODST helmet on fire and not a Mark V, But I still want it, lol).