Any plans on giving players the option to unlock/earn/buy items from previous events or weekly rewards?

As much as I love the never expiring battle passes, I equally hate the system of FOMO events and FOMO weekly rewards.

It’s a negative system in multiple ways:

  1. If there’s no event or no weekly reward a player wants, chances are he/she might not play that week, which negatively impacts player base.
  2. If a player does want to earn items from an event, or a weekly reward, but is unable to do so because of vacation or a work/school/family emergency, there is no way of earning those items ever again.
  3. It’s probably exhausting for people at 343 to make so many items that will never return after one week or one event.

Twitch already fixed this by having Twitch drop items return. The same should be done with expired events or weekly rewards.

Multiple ways for doing this:

  1. Instead of 1 weekly reward show 3 or more weekly rewards and let the player pick one item from those 3 or more weekly rewards. Also previous weekly rewards or expired event items can be added to that list.
  2. Scrap the whole system of weekly rewards and FOMO events and replace it with the REACH system (linear progression) or the Halo 5 system (random drops from a loot pool).

I know this is probably at the bottom of the priority list for 343. Still I would love to see this happen some day and I know many people would.



These are all really great points. 343 have also announced that previous “favourites” from S1 and S2 will be returning to the Ultimate challenges during the Winter Update.

To add to your choose 3 weekly reward idea why not grant an “Ultimate Token” and have all weekly rewards available for unlocking through a seperate tab in the store.

Of course that should also come with a complete overhaul of the store. Make ALL items available for purchase at any time and end FOMO

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This is an interesting idea! I like the idea of allowing player to see the “next 4” ultimate rewards. And each week, after they complete their challenges, they can spend a point to get 1 of the items. Players who want all 4 will have to play each week to get them all, but if I only want 2 of 4, I can earn them any 2 of those 4 weeks. This gives room for people that have IRL get in the way.

Essentially it’s more like a monthly challenge set rather than weekly.

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