Any other way to get the Fotos Helmet

Listen, Hear me out on this.

Legendary edition of reach came with the flaming helmet.

The Halo Reach console came with the Flaming Helmet

So is there any other way of unlocking this helmet in the future besides spending 400 dollars on an outdated system.

I mean really, I wouldn’t mind so much if it was 2011, but its almost 2013 and new consoles are coming in a year.


400 dollars for one helmet is alot, any way to do this like 343 day, Facebook/Twitter codes, ebay?

BTW MFW White Knight Chronicles has that helmet. O_O =O

Bump for all those complaining about Halo 4 rather than actually addressing a legitimate question

If they do, it won’t be any time soon. They still got consoles to sell lol, get one on ebay.