Any one up for arena?

I see that this website does not have a classifields like So I think I just post here.

I am looking for some people to play some arena with. Someone who is good with a DMR. I have been doing pretty good playing by myself, but it gets boring. My average rating for today is 1589.

If you want, just send me a message on my GT: SF BloodBrother

Whats ur past ratings?

Ive made Onyx and Gold.

Also would u classify urself as an aggressive player, or passive.

ill play

ive been looking for a group to play arena with. i hate going in alone and getting garbage randoms. im pretty good, but not amazing. im silver right now, but each day i keep improving.

message me

my gamertag is makimi

Makimi I’d like to play Arena or even just competitive with you (not the other people in this thread, no offense). Add me. My GT is OSU Mantis.