Any one playing Competitive games?

So I had MCC for just over a year now (been playing Halo CE since it was first released on PC)
My rank is still at 1 for Competitive games as when I do try and play I never get a game through the lobby (all settings are correct for this AFAIK) I did get 1 or 2 games when I first got MCC but stopped to concentrate on the campaigns
I’ve waited at least 30 mins at times with always keeping the lobby alive (no zz)
1st, it makes the challenge Sweat Equity a joke, and 2nd, how on earth are you supposed to progress if not getting games. So what is the point of this game possibility?
I’m on GMT+1 but tried at all times of the day 8am - 1am
same for BTB on social games a lot of the time

Are USA servers enabled? Most players are americans.
Also, you have a much better chance of getting a match when it’s night time, especially after 11pm
I’m in eu and i can find games easily in the afternoon, at evening and night

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Yup all region severs ticked
Network - XBOX LIVE
Relays - On/Off no difference
Input based matchmaking - disabled
Platform based matchmaking - disabled

Its well weird iyam !

As others have said, time of day matters a lot.

For Sweat Equity you can almost always find games of H3 Team Slayer and whatever the current H3 Doubles playlist is.

I cant even access halo 4 competitive games.