Any one beat you're friends so bad..

Any one beat you’re friends so bad they claim you’re cheating, my friend is pestering me so much saying “you tweaked the settings!!!”

I wouldn’t say that they claim I’m cheating, but whenever I go over to my buddy David’s house I always end up with the controller missing a few buttons.

I used to have two friends who would play games against each other and they would always get so mad at each other that one would always storm out and leave.

We all know that guy.

In CoD yeah

Yup, sure have… it’s kinda funny at times.

haha had it go both ways never fun but has to be done!

Haha im that guy that storms out. Frustration is a -Yoink- lol.

Take that back got handed by an old friend but also we had one quit soon as game started of course lol

All the time

happens all the time lol

It happens when I play at a friends house. They just can’t accept that I’m better than them because I play matchmaking XD

1v1 my friend, won, 16-6

Yep been down that road

I did this via split-screen. The only issue is, I was totally screen watching.

remove sharp objects from the premises immediately