Any news on a new Map Pack for Halo: Reach 343??

I mean… the Defiant map pack wasnt just that big enough for the last one, and I dont want to wait so long for CE Anniversary maps, so 343… will there be a new map pack coming these days?
Oh also, please for gods sake, bring back the Noble and Defiant Playlists, Premium just sucks and dont let people with one map pack play! also they had more population separetly than any of the Premium Playlists right now (maybe bring back both, and leave premium slayer, but not battle)

New Mappack is coming November 15th…

> New Mappack is coming November 15th…

Two map packs with CE:A, plus a free firefight map.

As stated above, we will get our hands on new Reach maps on November 15th. they will be released along with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

They are said to be 7 of the greatest Halo maps throughout it’s history, including Beaver Creek, Damnation, Timberland and possibly a Halo2 map, as hinted by Frank O’Conner in a recent interview. All competitive maps will feature Forge support with new Forge items.

One map will be a new Firefight space that is said to hold a special surprise that we don’t know really anything about, however there are many theories.

hope that helps!


now will it come with a code to download to play on our reach disk?

> New Mappack is coming November 15th…

I mean, new things, things that I have to download and pay for… I dont want remakes seriously, I want mroe maps right now!

Ever heard of Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary?

> Ever heard of Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary?

No, actually I dont even know how did I got the CEA Avatar on me! /sacrasm
who did not hear about the remakes coming? I want new maps, NEW