🤞 Any New Maps with the February Update

Highly doubt it
But u can buy some pathetic cat ears

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You can look at the first season of the “The Sprint” documentary for Halo 5. It shows the development process of MP maps as done by 343i and it’s unlikely to have changed completely.

Basically it’s like this:

  • Basic map is done by MP design team (back then they used internal forge builds for this) and continuously refined in conjunction with the Pro Team doing Playtesting
  • Overall theme is discussed with the Art and Narrative Team
  • Art team gets to building the actual level (making it look pretty)
  • This still needs interaction with playtesting as the art team adds more complex geometry which might cause issues with gameplay

The reason why map remakes are being done is that quite a bit changes in between games. E.g. you have to account for added mechanics like the grapple or clamber (although this is likely easier with Infinite, then with the many added mobility options in 5). Directly pulling a map over would not work in most cases as many things would just not work in the new engine (stuff like PBR just wasn’t a thing and would need a rework of all textures to look right for example).

All in all: they are sure to be working on new maps. However it’s quite unlikely they’ll be able to fasttrack them in a meaningfull way unfortunately.

On the pro side: those teams listed above are unlikely to have overlap with the technical teams working on fixing BTB, Desync, etc. So the work required there should at least not add further delays.


I know and, while I’m not happy about it, I still don’t think we’re seeing them until then.