any mlp clans ?

im a brony looking for a mlp clan

also if u are a brony clan leader send me a message over xbl. im good some time just depends. im a hero um almost legand.

im like a clone trooper i follow any order.

Hey man, I was tryin to find a mlp clan too. I think my post is on page 2 on here. I haven’t had any luck finding a whole clan of bronies though. /)

want to start 1 man

if we can find some good players I guess we could give it a shot.

are u on xbl ?

lol, yea. It’s my username.

just add neededsilver so we can talk about it when ever

lol i added u

Ya man me and my friends have a clan were pretty active Our clan name is Cutie Mark Crusaders so far our clan record is 3-0 problem is my gold ran out today but ill be renewing it this saturday so far only 18 members if you guys are intrested just snd me a pm here or add me GT:ChairmanOfToast

cool. how do i join?

i want to make a mlp clan to whos up

Well there are barely any mlp clan but there sure is hell a lot of bronies

ive started one for halo 5 but i need more members to make it official so if you all would want to join mine i could make u the first few lieutenants

I want to get as many peepz into one clan as possible. Come over to MLP Reapers and reap the -Yoinks!- of the haters!