Any major Easter eggs left to be found?

What the topic says. If there are can we get any hints like we did before?

OH Yeah !! :slight_smile:

There’s a Siege of Madrigal, but since Bungie still owns that it’s hidden so deep that it can never be found, therefore saving 343’s legal -yoink!-s.

Try this theater Pan Cam tutorial. :slight_smile:

I’d be VERY surprised if there weren’t. Bungie has stated that there are easter eggs still to be found in their games.

I would have to agree.

I’ve seen some very distinct faces on the cliffs on Ragnarok. Most of which you have to be standing across the map to see.

Not sure if thats an egg or not.

Surprisingly I haven’t seen any.

Do the images in this screen shot include anything meaningful? besides a graphic designer with a little too much time on their hands :slight_smile:

Speaking of time I have bit to dedicate to hunting today, but I will be on and off due to schedule. I will be purchasing Hal4 figures to donate at least one code maybe for the scavenger hunt drops.