Any Love For Terminus Firefight?

Hello and greetings Postums (343),

If your seeing this, will be there be any patches made or add on’s for Terminus Firefight in the future? I can hope so. I think it can definitely use some improvement.

Here are some ideas I have:

  1. Perhaps add a new map.
  2. Potentially adjust how some of the waves can be quite overpowering, (I’m looking at you, vultures and tanks lol). The mob of 60+ vultures and tanks from wave 45+ can be horrendous lol.
  3. Maybe allow the terminus to be healed by a certain percentage if all spires are destroyed. (More of a fighting chance if you will).
  4. Add in new enemies. (Hero units from different leaders, all units from different leaders).

Hope you may see this and consider it. I appreciate all the other adjustments you guy’s have made to Halo Wars 2. It is really a fun game and I enjoy playing it.

Make it a LTO #Playableflood mode. Three players use flood infections, tentacles, and ugly bosses to protect the Proto-Gravemind from UNSC/Banished intruders.