Any Lgbt/trans friendly groups or clans

Hey I was wondering if there were any queer and trans friendly halo groups or clans or something. I’ve been mainly soloing halo lately and I’d love to make some new queer online friends to play with from time to time because I genuinely miss playing halo with others. Especially those who I’d actually feel safe around.

Hiya, I founded a small discord community not too long ago specifically for trans/NB Halo players. Would you like to join? :slight_smile:

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Yes I’d love to join!! It’s been a long time since I’ve had halo buddies!!!

My discord is idiot_odyssey#2824

I’ve been looking for the same… you can add me if you like

GT- IILECKTRA (That’s two capital i’s)

(L)GBTQ+ :blush::balloon:

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I would also be interested. May I pm you to exchange details