Any information on when I'll get early adopter gif

I have played MCC online before the scheduled time, all my friends I played with today received free gold memberships, I’m curious why I wasn’t included with the initial overhaul? Are more going out, am I just last in line? Any sort of feedback would be appreciated.

Posted this in another topic, put here for visibility

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> Some have received theirs, but not everyone has yet. From the FAQ it mentioned the free month would drop mid to late January, I i’m guessing they have started the roll-out now and you should recieve it soon. A friend got theirs last night I believe in a message from Xbox Live. I think others noted that their subscription time had been extended. I just checked my account there and my subscription has been extended by a month (Said June last week, now it says July), so it may be worth checking that just in case you do have it. If you go to the Microsoft Commerce site, you can check your transactions. It will tell you when you last purchased, so you can work out from the renewal date if you have had it applied :slight_smile: