Any Infinite LGBT+ players looking for a Team?

Hey Everyone! This is my first post on here so not sure what to expect, also not sure if this is the proper way to go about this.

I don’t always feel comfortable with speaking with random players and thought it would be nice to play with like minded LGBT+ players. This way we could feel comfortable communicating with each other and of course playing as a Team. If interested, please respond so that we can hopefully get a crew together.



This is a forum board for ideas and feedback. It is not a place to make friend groups. If you would like to do so there are many other ways that you can.

Not true, this is literally under the recruiting section of the Halo Waypoint forums.

@The_Guru_Kaipo I hope you find the right community for you! These threads are a great place to look. You can also check for groups on platforms like Facebook or even Instagram.

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I do apologize for this. I am new here as well and I did not fully check the forums. I was under the assumption that this forum was for feedback and ideas.

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Thank you for the feedback! I got a little nervous thinking I posted in the wrong place. And I’ll be sure to check out those other avenues as well!

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You can send me a friend request either on Xboxlive or this name!

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Be glad to have more people to play with, I’m the same handle as here on XBL.

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