Any indication of time of flight?

I didn’t see in the email, I’m hoping for midnight, and if so I may get a few beers going around 10. Otherwise if it’s mid day tomorrow I’ll just save it and get to sleep early lol. Im wayy too damn excited for this. :upside_down_face:

There’s a stream today in two hours which will hopefully give more info. We know it starts on 29th, but I’d be surprised if it did start at midnight. I’m hoping it’s up in time for me to get on after work tomorrow, but it’s cool if I have to wait until Friday, again not until after work but I’ll definitely pop on for my hour lunch break to take a look around the UI and grab a few games.

Looking forward to tonight’s stream. Can’t wait to see what they show off.

I’m UK so it will be much later for me but I would expect that in their local time (Whatever US State they are based in, I’m not sure which) it will be something like 10AM. But that is just an educated guess to be honest, I could be completely wrong but it’s not unusual for things like this to go live at the start of their work day so that they have people ready to handle any drastic issues ASAP so anywhere between 9AM - 11AM is pretty common.

Again that’s just my guess though so don’t quote me on it haha

Did you read the email? It tells you how they plan to tell you later on. Guessing you didn’t read the email.

I just received my email I’m so happy, been waiting a long time for this game cant wait to play it even if it is just a flight.