Any ideas on how to balance sprint now?

So following the feedback on the flight, 343 has decided to revert to the old motion sensor. For those not aware, players only showed when shooting or sprinting, walking at full speed did not reveal your position on the radar.

This was a new change and I imagine mostly implemented to balance the sprint mechanic. In Halo 4 and 5, you pretty much have to sprint everywhere at all times as it is superior in every way to walking. In Halo Infinite, the new radar made it so there were drawbacks to sprinting and made it more situationally viable. With the old radar back it will mean sprinting always is the better option again removing any balance.

I’m looking forward to trying out auto-sprint, because if there are no downsides to using it I will just have that on as it’s not ideal to have to hit the sprint button every time you spawn due to controller layout. I wouldn’t mind if I had an Elite controller :slight_smile:

Seeing as its only a 9% boost.

I think its fine as is.

I think from the 1st flight, sprint is for once balanced very well. With a only 9% increase. I honestly think its the best yet and dont want to chnage it. Im really happy with the flow of gameplay, its not too hectic from H4 or H5. Sprint works well and it doesn’t need a way to nerf it like in Halo 4 you slow down from bullet impact. That was a dumb mechanic to try and balance sprint. If there was a mechanic to balance somthing then the something shouldn’t be there…

As for how movment goes in line with the motion sensor radar and how it affects gameplay. Im happy that they are going with the older option with the next flight and see how the feedback will be. I think being able to walk and not show up on rader was a little OP. We didnt really have much of an experience with this new radar when it came to PVP with only 2 hours worth. Being able to walk around a map holding a sword or garv hammer and not showing up on radar is unbalanced IMO. Imagine trying to snipe and anyone could easily get the drop on you by simply walking up behind you. The old version had that if you dont show up on radar its because you are moving so slow. This is more balanced i think. Dont think crouch walking around a map with a sword or grav hammer is as affective as walking. Hopefully we can have the feedback from both versions of the radar and see which one works better for a fair gameplay. Once it feels balanced and no one is exploiting a mechanic to there advantage.