Any Ideas for the following

Any Ideas when Custom Game Browser and Forge when it will be released?. Has 343i stated anything about this? We all know there is alot of issues with Halo Infinite. My only concerned is the Custom Game Browser and Forge. I heard a rumour about month or 2 ago that you will have to “PAY” for the Custom Game Browser and Forge. As much as I like Halo Infinite grafix and the maps there will be no way in hell I would pay for those 2 pieces of software. I really hope that is not true.

Only cosmetics have a price on them, and no modes are going to cost money. I think that they said it would be a few months after release, and I’m pretty sure it was 3 months or something.

Wow three months. eh? Well I heard you will have to pay for season 2. I will not pay for season 2 unless they fix the season 1 issues. Let’s hope they fix season 1 before they release season 2.

You only have to pay for the premium battle bass, same with season 1.

I’m on PC the Steam Version. Are you saying Season 2 will be free? I have never paid for any battle pass’s in any of the Halo Versions and never will.

Ok, so once season 1 ends, the second season will begin. The season 1 battle bass can still be worked on, and you can choose to work on any battle pass that releases. There is a free part of each battle pass that you can work on without paying, and if you spend 1,000 credits you get the premium battle pass that gives you extra cosmetics. So no, you don’t have to spend money for the seasons to get rewards. Paying is to get extra. Season 2 will be free.

Like I stated before. “I don’t buy Battle Passes PERIOD!” and never will!, I don’t even pay for skins or any cosmetics of any kind. I could care less.

Ok lets get back on topic:

Has anybody heard from 343i about the Custom Game Browser and Forge. I have heard nothing on those two items at all. :frowning:

Update Never mind:

Just found out…

Halo Infinite Forge mode is set to release with Season 3 sometime in 2022.!!!’
But states nothing about the Custom Game Broswer!!

Wow the really sucks cuz I dont really play in the Multiplayer Social Game Area all that much. Guess I can just play more Halo Infinite, and Halo MCC in the Custom Games area with my friends. bummer :frowning:

I just hope 343i comes out with the Custom Game Browser before Forge comes out!