Any idea how fast we'll be moving after the TU in classic playlists?

Okay soo I’m making a map… sort of a tribute to Guardian, Construct, and Beaver Creek. But I need to know how fast we’ll be moving and how fast we’ll be jumping so I can get the jumps and stuff right (the faster you move the farther you jump:) ) soo I’m playing a game in Team Classic… I’ll look at the gametype and just go off of that… but in the meantime… could someone analyze the videos (damnation/beaver creak gameplay) and tell me how fast they’re moving/jumping?
Thank you, any help would be appreciated:)

My (poor) guess at the moment is 110-120% movement speed and the same for jump height. (Haha i before e doesn’t apply here… or in weird… that’s weird:) )

A tribute to Guardian, Construct, and Beaver Creek!? That should be interesting! :slight_smile:

Okay so in Team Classic Player speed is 120% and Jump height is 125% and Player Gravity is 150%.
Does that sound right for the gameplay shown in those videos?

> A tribute to Guardian, Construct, and Beaver Creek!? That should be interesting! :slight_smile:

Haha so far it is:)
I’m using a different pallet too… I’ve been looking at a lot of the complaints revolving around forge or “community” maps in Halo Reach and I’ve addressed them accordingly:)
As soon as I finish the map… well… move it from Alpha to Beta I’ll be looking for playtests… then after about a week of that… I’ll look over it… smooth out any bumps I might’ve missed… make it look pretty… and see if it doesn’t become popular enough to become injected into matchmaking:)

But I personally like what the new TU brings to the table soo I’m making it with the TU in mind because that’s… how I want it to be played:)
And I can always make my own gametype and submit it with the map soo no biggie:D

Well as soon as I finish the map design I’ll upload the map and gametype so everyone can have a peek… and then I can start the gameplay tests… see how many players this works with… I’m honestly thinking 6-8… maybe 10… but the map isn’t finished yet so it’s hard to tell.

So far my vision for the map:
3 levels of play (Mid, upper, and lower areas of the map) with a huge emphasis on movement and awareness. Players will instantly feel comfortable in places that should vaguely remind them of common playspaces (although changed a bit) from a few popular maps (ha I certainly loved them). I’ve added jumps and interesting ways of taking shortcuts (with a risk of course) in memory of all three… because they were all filled with them… at least Guardian and Construct were… Beaver Creek had a few from what I can remember:) )

Weapon and Grenade placement is very balanced from what I’ve seen and experienced in MM. I’ve taken all of my experience and applied it here, and I’m pushing for fast paced and strategic gameplay. I’m basing this map in it’s entirety on a game without armor abilities but I’m working with an interesting mechanic that may prove to be… innovative… ingenuitive… there’s a word I’m looking for here but I can’t find it… revolutionary? I don’t know, but it may prove useful for this map. If it works AA’s would be a two part system and would essentially become a strategy of their own. I love Halo and I love the community I’ve come to share it with and that’s why I’m trying to make a map that everyone will love:)
Back to forge:)

whats the name of the map gonna be? it sounds quite interesting…

> whats the name of the map gonna be? it sounds quite interesting…

Hmm… right now I don’t know… ha depends on what Xbox Live will let me name it xD
I’m thinking Shattered… not to be confused with the terrible infection map I made to playtest the AA idea I had in mind for this map lol:)

Things that are iffy atm:
Lights are rather unlikely but if I could make a red and blue base with red/blue lights I may consider it but… I feel it takes too much attention away from what you’re doing…
Filters are probably going to be a nono but if I do add a filter it will only be done if it adds something to gameplay. I’ve found through testing of my infection maps that you can easily limit sight lines with certain effects… thus making the openish area in the middle a whole lot safer but… that’ll be something I’ll have to get feedback on… and if it hurts gameplay (lag, framerate drops. ect.) it won’t even be considered.
Z fighting isn’t going to be tolerated (what’s more annoying than something moving in the corner of your eye when you’re moving… that moves at the same rate you do… that isn’t an enemy?)
Vehicles… so far I don’t have any plans for vehicular combat… it just doesn’t belong on this map.
Power ups are definitely happening.
Armor abilities will likely be included as part of my two part system.
Grenades… you spawn with 1-2 frags and I’ve included grenades on the map.
Weapons… so far I’ve placed a spiker, a dmr, and rockets. In my opinion the sniper is a bit overkill but if the dmr doesn’t work as well as I expect it will with the upcoming TU I’ll replace the DMR’s with snipers. So far it looks like it will be Assault rifle and either magnum or plasma pistol starts. I’m leaning toward the magnum as I don’t think the community really sees the plasma pistol the way I do:). A needle rifle will be placed along with a few other weapons that work well with the map. I’m really putting an emphasis on strategy and movement here… anything that slows down gameplay or seems to make anything too unbalanced I’m not including. As I’m shooting for Matchmaking I’m also being very resource friendly in that I’m trying to make sure everything’s working together to provide a lagless environment… I’ll have a gameplay video up in a bit on my fileshare… give or take an hour or two… it’ll just be me running through the map but… yeah… just to give you a preview of what to expect when playtesting time comes around…

Not sure what the speed will be , but i have a base map that will help you…create a great natural look… wink wink…


> Not sure what the speed will be , but i have a base map that will help you…create a great natural look… wink wink…


Alright well I’ve downloaded it:)
I’ll be sure to take a look at it later… see if I can find anything… useful for the map I’m making… and if I do I’ll be sure to give you credit for it:)
note to self… make sure rotation snap is off before grabbing something that isn’t 90 degrees >.<
note to self again… When you end the game… it doesn’t undo what you did >,<

Anotheride note, when using that map, dont delete anything until you know how many left overs you have, if you delete one set of items its fine if you delete from both sets at any point it will rduce your budget to 0.