Any Have a Capture Card???

Short and simple answers such as yes and no will do. Also if you do capture what kind of device do you use? is it HD? can you edit? and also when are you available?

You can always render clips for yourself on if you don’t have a cap card.

But I highly recommend getting one for yourself. I use the BlackMagic Intensity Pro and it looks great!

I can’t actually get a HD Capture Card, because my Computer can’t handle the graphics.
I use Dazzle Capture Card DVC 100, I get some good quality out of it but You may need to search up some tutorials on how to get it color…

Here is my youtube channel

Can anybody capture for me?

I’ll Love Too… For Free Aswell. But ill get to post it on my Channel as well…
You can vist my channel to see some of my work : TheIronFight

whats your gt? theiron?

> whats your gt? theiron?

My GT is TheIronFight, Exactly like how i typed it.

One Touch Video Capture. Very convenient.

I believe it can record up to 1 hour before it malfunctions but I have a newer build so I’m not certain if the problem still exists.