Any Halo Wars maps good for Halo 4's Forge?

Are there any Halo Wars maps that you guys think could be made in Halo 4’s Forge and end up being good for big team battle modes?

I think docks…

It’s a human installation that has a choke point on either side. You would need ramps leading up to the higher portions that aren’t reachable by foot in game - but it would be a hell of a throw back.

It could work very well.

That would be amazing! Add a few paths along the enter buildings and boom! Docks could work.

Yeah the Docks would be cool!

oh Also we should remake:

Halo Wars Blood Gulch for Halo 4!

lol was joking at first; but after thinking about it, im starting to like this idea.

Hwars blood gulch is kinda unique in that it could have 4 seperate buildings / Bases and have the additional side paths down both sides with elevated sniper postions where the hooks are.

anyone else agree?