Any H5 gameplay demoed on xoneX (4K)


it’s a bottle in the sea i am throwing away but, well…

i was wondering if someone at 343 or xbox could make this happen (a kind of a preview)
i would really like to see how does Halo 5 play on xbox one X in 4K (to see the improvement)

there was quite a lot of aliasing in Halo 5 in some stages (very annoying, especially in that stage where you get the Phaeton in the caves, the grass has so much aliasing really…) i would like to see what kind of improvements I would get if i bought a 1X.

Also can someone at 343 confirm the game still runs at 60FPS ? (there are many rumors according to which Star Wars doesnt hold 60 FPS)

We have so little information or gameplay demos that it’s a bit scarry regarding the console perfomances