Any fun games going on?

In about an hour I would from now, I would like to play some Halo. I really don’t care what we do so if anythings going on ill join in.

HI GUYS i dont know about you but getting a decent custom game is difficult, i dont have many halo 4 players on my FL so i invite recent players, some dont have the FREE forge island map, some dont stay long enough and leave before i can start the game and its usally a complete waste of time, well i remember halo 2 & 3 and all i did was play customs with mates and had so much fun, well if you want that then add me the more people the better, so every nite we can all jump into a large 16 man custom game and have fun, 2 rules - 1 have forge island free dlc 2 be patient

so add me - IHDI No TIME