Any Forgers Out There With Tips On Lighting?

I have tried Forge Hub and everyone there doesnt seem to want to help anyone unless I guess a talented over the top Forgers with some great maps. Problem is with the community is that it seems to not want to help each other out so I decided to come over here to ask for anyone who is really good at forge and if anyone had tips on the lighting and how it works and what happens on reaching over the light map percentage.

I just want my map to be great and for everyone to enjoy it and have it not be a mess whenever people play it.

Please anyone.

You should start with using lights on the chroma pieces and decals. Lights also have several different cone effects which can be great for giving the illusion of light coming from windows. A blue chroma and a light with caustic effect can simulate a pool of water. I believe you can even script the lights to move around if you want. I have never went over the budgets on a map so I can’t say for certain what would happen if you do.