Any female players?

I have a t-shirt for a female avatar code and don’t want ti to go to waste so do any female gamers have male items to trade away at the moment?

Not scam and wills send the code first over PM.

I know trading is not alowd here but it is not ebay material so I will try it here.

Really wznt to get rid of this code, cmon guys


I like avatar items!

> Hi.
> I like avatar items!

Any to trade?

I have a 14 day code.

What specific avatar item do you have?

Its a UNSC female T-shirt I got with the LE controller.

Ahhh, sorry. I got better stuff. :frowning: Rocking my gold MJOLNIR armor.

OH , ok. Is it that warrior avatar. I dot want it, jsut wondering.

Gold warrior armor, yeah.

I cnat use it so I need someone to make an offer, even a male t shirt would be nice.

Sorry I already gave mine away.