Any Female players without the Avatar armor?

As the title suggests are there any legitimate femlae players without the female avatar armor?

I have a code to giveaway.

I would like to have it please. :slight_smile:

Sorry mate but from your previous comments it seems you already have a few.

I was hoping it was a fotus one. :slight_smile:

If it is the master chief one I already have it.

Just 1 by the way.

I qualify. :slight_smile:

Just sent Hypnatoad the code there. Tell me if it doesn’t work.

I have both male and female LE recruit avatar codes. If anyone wants them, or is willing to offer something in return, hit me up.

I also have a Female LE code to give away :).

i used my Female LE code and gave the Male to a friend already. srry :\

Good Idea, i was planning on doing this as well!

Are there any other female players out there who would like either the LE Recruit avatar armor or the LE Pizza hut Red soldier armor?

Make sure to send me a PM :slight_smile: