Any cool fan ideas of the new halo story

I want to hear some cool ideas of what the story is going to be in the new halo game.

Hopefully the flood returns and Chief fights side by side with The Arbiter again. As for the story, I have no idea what it will entail. It sounds like 343i had a big shake up in the narrative department, due to Halo 5’s terrible plot. So we could be in store for something truly amazing.

I hope we get a good story and more space missions like we did in reach and halo 4.

The Infinity and the Arbiter’s forces flee to the Ark, the only place they all know is beyond Cortana’s reach. There they meet the Spirit of Fire’s surviving crew and help push back the Banished. At a location on the Ark that the Banished had been holding, they discover Forerunner records which include the location of the Forerunner Capital world of Maethrillian, and a cryptic message about what’s at its core, and its relation to the Domain. They go to Maethrillian, but Cortana goes there too, and she brings a guardian and a Halo…Installation 04c… which Anders is on. Anders activates the Halo’s defences and its conventional weaponry wrecks the Guardian as the allied ships throw everything they have at the Guardian as they try to get the Chief into Maethrillian to stop Cortana.

Cortana brings in reinforcements, wrecks the Halo, destroys the Infinity, and Master Chief makes it to the core of Maethrillian, where he meets what’s left of Abaddon, the Precursor-made AI who’s galaxy-spanning processing power IS the Domain. Abaddon is shut down, purging the Created, and ending the war.

I suppose Halo Infinite will be an open-world-ish game set entirely on the Halo ring we saw in the E3 demo. Story-wise, I think we will be trying to somehow “repair” cortana. I hope there’s more to it than that, though.

Personally I really hope to see the Didact again in some form. He was really wasted in Escalation.

Oh boy, too many ideas to spell out here without writing a freaking script! I’d like to see Mendicate Bias and/or Offensive Bias brought into the story. Cortana gets restored through some means, the SoF is brought into the campaign doing something. The Banished show up and whatever remnants of the Covenant are finally purged completly. The Prometheans are shut down and completely removed from any future games including the Warden. Zeta Halo history is explored and the Chief and Arbitor go their separate ways.

Flood Returning, Classic Elites, Introduction of (Halo Wars) the Spirt of Fire and Banished in main line Halo Games, missing Covenant members making a return, all sentinel variants, Arby as Chiefs Ally, Classic Marines, Classic Music, Classic Art style, return to the ark, return of the didact, return of dual wielding, return of Elites in mp.

Bringing in more people from the expanded universe again, and keeping Blue Team in the spotlight.

I love all these ideas.