Any clans out there a fan of MLP?

I’m just tryin to find a nice bunch of guys who aren’t afraid to talk pony. No Rule 34, no fluffies, just bronies talkin ponies. Anyone know a good clan with those characteristics? /)



whar r u doing viper :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, I already told Harry what was goin on. No worries. :slight_smile:

Well I can’t say that there is such a thing and most people rather look the other way, much less a whole entire clan wanting to look into that sorta thing. However, I do have a MLP loving member if you want a like minded person to game with, I just dont care to hear odd things 24/7 while gaming but hey whatever floats your boat.

If you are looking to join a crew where your not gonna be criticized for your favorite tv show, or hobbies. You can check us out, as long as you are of age. (17+)

Feel free to chat me and RFM up. :]


Hmm, I guess I can check it out.

Send “TinCanWithAPLan” a message