Any clan need two members?

A friend and I are looking to join a clan. If you are well organized though, we do come as a pack.

We would love you to join the AGR, check us out. See what you like.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

AGR Clan

Dark Order of the Sith
The Sith are always looking for new members. We offer more then just playing games with fun people. We have RP’s were you can let your creative side free.

We have over 215 members and still growing.

See above post on “Seabears”

UCFM is recruiting if you still need a spot. We play Halo 4/Reach every day. We are rebuilding after disassembling from the MEA clan. Message me if interested.

Hi, I’m Corporal Kristo from The Forerunner Guard, we are a mature clan that likes to have fun, but we’re very competitive. We are organized, militarized, and you should definetly join us if you’re also good at forge, or machinimas because we have a place for almost everything! We are mostly an American clan, but we also have members from other countries as well, so nationality isn’t a problem!


-Be at least 14 years of age (could be younger, but your maturity must make up for it).

-Own a functional copy of Halo 4 and a working Xbox headset.

-Be mature!

What we have to offer

Ranks- We are based on U.S. Army ranks because we fell USMC ranks are very repetitive. Our ranks/pay grades are very accurate to their real life counter parts (You’d see a Sergeant leading a Squad, etc.)

Ribbons- We offer a wide variety of ribbons for recognition, which are placed on your name plate.

Name Plate- You’ll get your own name plate with your rank and name on it!

Competitive- We have a competitive side in the Forerunner Guard that constantly trains to become better every day! If you would like a challenge and join the competitive side, then expect to become very active, constantly doing 1v1’s, 2v2’s, and etc. You and your fire team will have to put a lot of time into playing together, just like an MLG team. To join the competitive side, you must pass our AIT!

Casual- We also have a less-competitive, casual side. This is for those that want to participate in a few tournaments and clan battles, but mostly want to have fun in the game and play more customs than the competitive side! Everyone starts here!

How to Enlist?

-First, you must register on the website.

-Click on Home and scroll down to the Initiation Chamber for details on how to enlist. Or you may click this link (after registration):

-Your BCT will be taken, upon your request, at least 7 days AFTER your enlistment date, you must pass this to officially be a Guard!

-If you want to join our competitive side, which will be much harder and will require more of your time, You must pass AIT, which is much harder, and will have more tests inside such as multiple 1v1’s.

What are you waiting for? Join our ranks at: