any chance?

after playing halo 2, 3 reach and halo 4 alot to a certain extent, i would like them to some what putting more effort into matchmaking and by this i mean playlists. the recent big update has done wonders for matchmaking with better map lay outs and weapon tuning. now the only thing i would like to see is the return of game types like 1 bomb, 1 flag and territories etc as few people i have played with have said the same. big team battle being not just slayer but objective as well would be brilliant with also a classic playlist like the anniversary playlists on halo reach would give other players who may not enjoy infinity slayer a reason to stay and play the game. just wondered if any word had been said on anything like this from more playlists and game types?

and for the keen people up to defend 343 i am not complaining but more suggesting what i would like before people hate haha

appreciate it,