Any Chance We Could Get Firefight or Warzone Game Modes at Some Point?

Firefight has been one of my favorite modes since it debuted in ODST. Warzone is also very fun. What are the chances that we could see these modes in the future? And would anybody want to see those modes in Infinite?


Im meh to firefight since wasnt a big player on it, but would love both ngl, warzone was super fun once you get most of the unlocks. However they might need to tweak it to adjust how heavily dependant of the REQ system was.

I would like to see it, but not in the current state. There are only few vehicles and weapons. And EA oh 343 would sell special vehicles or weapons for this Mode…

I’d love to see Warzone Firefight. It combined the best of both Warzone and Firefight.

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