Any Chance They Add Split Screen?

As a life long Halo fanatic, learning of the news that there wouldn’t be split screen on Halo 5 allowed me to make the decision for the first time in my life to not purchase a Halo game. Does anyone know if there is a possibility of 343i implementing a post launch update to add a split screen option? I’m aware of the 60 fps on single player, but games such as Need For Speed and Mario Kart operate on a 60 fps single player mode and switch to 30 fps multiplayer. Why can’t Halo 5 do the same? 343i completely missed the ball on this one, and unfortunately this was strike three for them and they’re out!!

It’s extremely unlikely H5 Will ever get split screen

It’s pretty unlikely that it’ll get added. It isn’t impossible but there are other features that I think they are more focused on such as forge and game types.

This is ridiculous! Split screen needs to be back!!

It broke down like this: they could have 1080/60 resolution/frame rate or they could have split screen. But they couldn’t do both given the computing limitations of the console. They had to chose one or the other knowing that they’d disappoint a lot of people either way so I’m not gonna be too hard on them for it.

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