Any chance the Noble 6 armor will be put on marketplace?

I have been trying to grab one of those free helmets from Twitter and thought I finally got one when I noticed the twitter update at 4:08, which was posted at 4:08. But it appears I was still not fast enough to get one as it stated once again that all codes were redeemed. It’s a bit frustrating if you are not a very heavay twitter or Facebook user, and only can check in when you have free time at work or happen to be logged in when you are at home & are on your PC and not a console.

So for those of us over 30 with jobs & lives, who do not spend our home lives at those sites, any chance you can pay cash money for these items? :slight_smile:

I’m 17 and on my computer most of the day. I am having issues getting a hold of one. And I’ve been trying since July.

I got lucky and had a friend help me out. I’ll see if he can help you out also if you still need one.

do you think your friend has anymore and can help me out because gamestop gave me extra recon code