Any chance of more loadout slots?

I think the loadout system is okay as it is, but I would like to know if the addition of more slots is possible in the future?

I’d like to try out some crazy classes like Explosives/Pulse Grenade/Supressor for KoTH without constantly having to edit my main classes when swapping game modes, and I feel like five slots is just a bit too small.

I agree this game should have more loadout slots for Personal and Custom games. The Call of duty games lets you add more loadouts up to 10 mostly by going Prestige a certain amount of times. So why not let thsi game have more loadouts by getting higher ranks though in Customs its there already.

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I also agree, and if we had different setups for each game type.

Either there should be slots for gametypes/modes (I need completely different load outs in Spartan Ops), or there should be 10 loadouts.

To be honest, 5 loadouts is enough for me. I only use the BR or DMR with assault rifle.

While I would not mind more loadouts, I can live without them because you can change your loadout in the middle of a game. did you die and your friend is calling you to gun his warthog? swap your mod for gunner while you’re dead. It’s nice. Yeah, it’d be better to have 100 slots of unique stuff, but it’s not currently too horrible to work with.