Any chance of map packs becoming free?

I think making the map packs free would be great for Halo 3’s community, it would give the game a much needed breath of life that would help it last as long as xbox 360 games are online. How much money can withholding them really make? Halo 3 isn’t exactly a game that players are flocking to. There’s hardly even an incentive to purchase them, at this point. Most of the playlists where you actually get to use the DLC maps are all but dead. I’m not solely asking for me; I have all the maps, but I would kind of like to be able to play them against other people. I emailed my thoughts to Bill Gates and President Obama, as well.

People should just buy ODST, you get a short but sweet unique single player experience and all of Halo 3’s multiplayer included. Plus It’s really cheap now (I believe even less than all of H3’s map packs).

Yeah, but that suggestion doesn’t solve the problem of the dead DLC playlists. The Halo 3 player base is rather small, and presumably, most of the player base does not have the DLC. It’s a bit of a catch-22. Even if one who doesn’t have the DLC opts to pay for it, they won’t be able to get much use out of it, unless the entire player base acts in unison. The only way that is going to happen is if they make the DLC free.

halo 3 best game ever went threw 4 halo disk finally got odst got the free mm disk. amazing.