Any chance more LE preorders will open up?

I realize its my fault for waiting so long, but I cannot find anywhere to preorder the Limited Edition from. They have all stopped taking them, except for Walmart who doesn’t seem to have any bonus skins or anything.

I would really love to preorder from Gamestop, as they seem to have more bonuses after all this voting is done. And, I know they will be open at midnight. The Best Buy near me doesn’t usually do midnight launches.

I am just curious if there is a chance more will open up prior to launch. The disks aren’t even being pressed yet, so I am hopeful that they will tell places that there will be enough LE to fulfill more preorders.

no. each retailer has a limited amount that they can sell. once thats filled up you will just have to wait a few days after launch and hope they have some extras.

EDIT: thats why i pre ordered in early july.