Any BTB-based clans recruiting?

Hey I’m Despotiic and I’m looking for a team/clan that mostly plays BTB whether it be in War Games or for clan battles. I’m a competitive gamer who has grown tired of 4v4s and would like to get more into 8v8s again. I have nearly a 2.5 k/d in case that matters to you. I’m also SR-130 and very active. By the way, I’m not looking for any huge gaming communities who have thousands of members or whatever. I’m just strictly looking for a team or clan who specializes in 8v8. I’m 18 with a mic as well. Anyways, you can leave a reply here or message me on xbl. Thanks!

Hi i am major general of the Imperial Spartan Republic and we love 8vs8 and big tean battles on matchmaking. This clan actually started officially a week ago and we have 11 members and are currently recruiting so if you are interested please go to our website and and fill out a application in our recruitment page, there is more info on there if you are interested, website here.

Major General
Imperial Spartan Republic