Any Big team slayer crews?

Looking for people like myself that play BTS a lot. I also play other gaamemodes but Im a bit new 4 weeks or so playing H4 but Im a good player and my mic is almost always on, with an exception in the morning because my 1 yr old likes to sneak up and yank out the wire.

GT= Abysmalzulu , I will be on for an hour or 2 so hit me up if you want to play or just jump into the game, if thats even possible.


Take a peek at Revolution of Gaming (RoG), it has several Brigades and several companies within each Brigade, from all over the world.

I joined about a month ago and now have 30+ friends from RoG. Everyone is very chilled with no hassles at all. Always gamers online to playing all the games from the play list, including BTB. Lots of game nights organised and also competitions if you wish to take part, with prizes :slight_smile:

If you can, check us out at:

Good luck.