hello,could you all summarize all the news since the E3 for me please?stopped looking for halo information after the E3 and now i decided to do it again,heard about that new ranks “sr-5” and “sr-20”,is it kinda working like 1-50? any other big news? thanks <3

Have a look at one of the stickied topics, like the Halo 4 News Hub or Unbiased Facts page.

SR stands for “Spartan Rank”

Spartan OPs: Spartan OPs is an episodic adventure in which the first season takes place six months after Halo 4 and will continue the story. The first season is free and will be constantly updated with new episodes, which consist of 5 missions each and you can play with up to three other players (four if you include you’re self). You can also change difficulty. Future seasons will most likely needed to be paid for and you NEED Xbox Live Gold to download episodes and play Spartan OPs.

Infinity Slayer: A new point based Slayer gametype. While kills themselves will contribute to the overall score, stylish kills (such as headshots, assassinations, distractions, assists etc) will generate more points that go towards your Ordnance drop meter.

Once this meter is filled up (a cube icon with own meter), you can call in a drop (these can kill players btw) and select a power weapon, a power up (over shield, speed boost, damage boost) or another power weapon via the D pad (you’ll have three choices, left, right, and down).

Specializations w/Weapon Skins/new armor/Boltshot/Suppressor Here

Ranks: The Reach progression system will return but we have 1-50 levels to get through (don’t mistake this as the ranked 1-50 from Halo 3). Progressing through the levels will unlock new weapons, skins, armor, armor mods, and of course, Specializations.

I might add that we will be getting some kind of other ranks that are more competitive in nature (think Halo 3) but no one else can see them when you search in MM.

Enjoy this video of the UNSC Weapons

This counts as new if you’ve been out of the loop and don’t plan on buying the LE

The music is a pretty big change from the old Halo themes, so here you go.