Any Australian or New Zealand based H5 groups?

I just want Australian or New Zealand based groups or people to play with. I like using tactics and having someone to ride shotgun in warzone and all that jazz. I like playing every part of halo. I’m mature and not a bad shot. I specialize in the banshee and warthog driving but love vehicles in general. I ask for Australian and New Zealand based groups because of ping (ehgg every other place is so far away except for the few Asian countries but they wouldn’t speak english in there groups).

Even if your not with a group add your name to post and i will add you so at very minim i can invite you to custom games for down under

Hey I’m Aussie and I’m trying to start up an Aussie Spartan Company called Aussie Slayer Pros i’ll invite you.
My gamertag is Lambo Dude 711