Anticlimactic Ending

This was the first type of Machinnima I made. I am currently working on a second one and it looks great so far.I do want feedback on this one though. It took time to make and this and the second one is taking even longer.Could you guys let me know what should be improved on? and yes it is meant to be silent. This would mean a lot thanks guys!

On 1:14 I can see u are recording as a flood cuz of the vain things on the screen, I didn’t really like that sinse it doesn’t really make any sense, is there a thought behind it, in that case i missed it, but I did like the clip overall though. Good job, for a first time machinima you did pretty good!

Ninja SWE
Yeah the flood screen was a accident and I just went with it at the time stupid mistake XD I made it about a year ago now. The plot is basically a flood and spartan live in the same area together and they don’t really like each other. I am making a second one but it is taking months to make I started it in May of this year. I want to make sure its good,and yes this one will not make too much sense in a good way. A example of that is just random stuff will happen during the film. An thanks a lot man!

I think it would’ve been funnier without the T-bag ending and a little bit more tension at the face-off (let’s say the characters slowly approaching each other looking like they are preparing for a massive fight, the human swaps his standard pistol for his badass shotgun… and is stabbed in the face)