Anti-Vehicle Pistol

A pistol that fires a large caliber round that penetrates a vehicle’s armor then explodes once inside. If fired and the trigger is held, the explosive will not explode until the trigger is released. If the user is killed while holding the trigger, the explosive disappears and does not explode.

Medium ranged, no scope, one shot clip.

Can be fired into the air, similar to a Wraith’s main cannon, for a long, arcing shot. Leaves a distinct smoke trail in the air. Nicknamed The Flare Gun.

Shooting vehicles in different areas would cause different effects. Hitting a Warthog in the engine would be a one shot kill. Hitting the back bumper would cause minor damage.

Thoughts? Improvements? Unrelated comments?

You mean the weapon shown in the trailer…

That’s not a Pistol.

To be honest I have only watched the trailer once and it was on my phone and I really don’t remember it. Maybe I am subconsciously stealing it but my real desire to have an anti-vehicle pistol is for Big Team SWAT with vehicles. Spawn with your DMR, or equivalent rifle, and an anti-vehicle pistol that takes a moment to fire, like the Spartan Laser. You could just have everyone spawn with Spartan Laser secondary weapons but your avatar carries the Spartan Laser on his back rather than his hip like a pistol. This pistol would also not have the range of the Spartan Laser.

To me that weapon in the trailer looked like some sort of grenade launcher, maybe it’s the Halo 4 version?