Anti-Push to Talk Initiative

People need to be in game chat, the full remastered experience isn’t there if not everyone is hot mic’ing it in game.

Not sure what you mean but if your talking about being forced into game chat I would so no thank you. Call of Duty did this a while back and it caused me not to play it because I couldn’t talk to friends playing other games. Not saying it still is the case but when I started halo all I found were jerks on the mic so I tend not to use it.

Edit: never mind what I said I think I figured out what you mean. I think the good thing about push to talk is that is you wont have to hear the radio blaring through the mic.

I legit always have mic on, its much more enjoyable

R: “Dave, your smoke detectors keep beeping!”
D: “No, it’s not me guys.”
T: “I can see it on my overlay. It’s Dave for sure.”
D: “Uh no, it’s not.”
R: “Fix it Dave!”
D: “Guys, its not m-- BEEP. I’m telling you it’s not me.”