Anti-Air Wraith needs a buff?

I feel the Anti-Air Wraith needs a buff. It needs a lock-on range thats further. I tried using it against banshee’s in Warzonr Firefight and I never have much luck most of the time. Tell me what you all think.

The problems stems to the fact that the Banshee when it does aerobatic manoeuvres, it cancels all tracking on missiles and the Fuel Rod the Wraith fires.

I think it’s the base model and they plan to roll out more versions with increased capabilities (Ultra, etc).

I don’t mind a longer lock-on range, but like the poster above me said, the main problem is the Banshee’s flip. I have no problems using an Anti Air Wraith in firefight, the Banshees don’t flip that much. The only time they’re too far away, is when you’re playing Noctus firefight, and you have to kill the regular banshees so the Raiders come down…

I only ever use it on ground units. It shouldn’t even be called “anti air”.

The damage output could use a bump, too. The TTKs on ground targets leaves you really exposed to hijackers and Splasers.

Increased range and sharper homing would be nice.

It needs to have a longer red reticle range and not lose its tracking ability when a banshee does a flip.

It’s only really good against Wasps, if the pilot is bad. If the Wasp pilot is smart enough they can outmaneuver an AA Wraith. I sold all of my AA Wraiths because of how terrible they are.

I wouldn’t use one against the WZFF bullet sponge banshees, they’ll just kill you. Otherwise I think they’re alright, the turret is much better than normal ones.