Answering Halo 4 Questions! (Played the game)

so i played halo 4 at eurogamer and im going to be taking questions and answering them here!

if you have any leave them below!

Here is some gameplay from the weekend!


sub to my channel im going to have a new bit of gameplay up everyday up until release

I know a lot of people already asked this but what Halo does it play closest to if any? Thanks.

a mix between halo 3 and halo reach playing both will help you get ready for the game

How OP are the vehicles that you used if any?

i got a go in the banshee and the ghost.

the ghost is good but you can get them out pretty easy with any power weapon.

the banshee is a lot more op as you will find few guns seem to do damage to it and then shee boom is very powerfull

Can you use that promethean small weapon you keep using, Can you set it as secondary weapon?

The boltshot is very good once you get used to using it (takes a view games) its pretty much a mini shotgun but will less range.

for most of the games that i played i used it as my secondary as i preferred it to the pistol and plasma pistol.

Better than reach? What isn’t there that would make it REALLY good

> Better than reach? What isn’t there that would make it REALLY good

what do you mean?

is the game better than reach? yes 100% better game. i hardly enjoyed reach compared to halo 3 in its prime but this game feels amazing to play. none of the weapons are to OP the grenades are perfect the amour abilities are all balanced and in general its a fairer and better game.

Are you dutch?

nope from the UK

Can you kill someone easily?

the shields feel like a mix between halo reach and halo 3. if your shooting them in the head you will take a player down easily.

if you are using the carbine and shooting the palyer in the body it will feel like you are doing no damage at all.

the AR will dominate in close combat but from range is terrible.

if you want me to go through all the weapons i used a give opinions on them then i will. just ask :slight_smile:

if you got to use the storm rifle how did it feel compared to the assault rifle

the storm rifle was the worst out of the primary weapons for me. the ar in comparison was 10x better

Did you use the light rifle. If yes. How does it feel? I think its going to be my primary and the small Promethean weapon secondary. And the weapon skin? if we get the game can we also choose weapon skins. Or is it a pre order thingy only?

yes the light rifle was my third favorite weapon.

in ranked order for me it goes

Light Rifle.

it took a bit of getting used to as did all the guns but it was good once you were used to it and combined with the boltshot it would be a great setup

as for the weapons skins we could not unlock them only use the green one that im pretty sure everyone has seen.
We werent given any info on how to unlock them or if we needed to preorder the game to unlock them all

What are your thoughts on the suppressor?

When you play it does it feels like halo or does it feel totally different?

Btw it looks like the dmr is overpowered?

In the match you played did everyone used the DMR?